Episode 30: Coming out of the petticoat closet with Sarah Wendell


We’re hanging out with Sarah Wendell from  Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, and talking about taking things seriously, being protective of your community, all kinds of representation, and lube that doesn’t dry up for eight days.

If you want to listen right in your browser, you can click here; but we’re also available everywhere you get your podcasts.

Things that come up:
SBTB on Ravelry
Helen Russell, The year of Living Danishly
Scandinavia and the World
Elyse Springer, Thaw
Emma Barry, Private Politics
Alyssa Cole, An Extraordinary Union
The Sunfire series
Johanna Lindsey, Silver Angel
Candy Tan and Sarah Wendell, Beyond Heaving Bosoms
The Cassie Edwards kerfuffle
Julie James, The Thing About Love
Sarah Wendell, Lighting the Flames


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